Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My forecast for the winter of 2016-17!

My forecast will be two things; short and rather limited in scope for the coming winter season. Big changes are on the way, but we will not likely see anything happen for a few years yet.

SW Missouri – This winter can be summarized in just two words; warm and dry. For the more scientifically oriented, we will be in a positive La Nina weather pattern. In addition, the Arctic Oscillation will also favor a warmer than normal environment with the Central US experiencing less than normal rainfall.

The good side of this forecast will be lower heating bills for people who are strapped for cash, which is a lot of people. The bad side will be the lack of water which is what drives so much of our world. We'll just have to hunker down in that respect.

Of more concern to those living in southern California, living there will become more of a dire situation. Enough said on that.

The really interesting weather will not happen for a few years, but when it begins to take effect, the changes will be rather drastic....More on that in the next year or so.

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