Saturday, December 14, 2013

OK! So, it's gonna be a bad winter!

By most any measurement, the winter of 2013-14 is a bad one...even though we haven't made it to actual wintertime as of this post! So, far, I've recorded ten inches of assorted glaze, sleet, slush and snow starting on December 5th and they tell me there's more to come long about the 19th!

On a good note, it's been quite some time since we saw a decent snow pack this far to the south. Snow is a good thing as it insulates the ground living organisms while also providing a slow release moisture system that feeds animals and plants alike!

On the bad side of things, the thermometer has already dipped down to just a couple of degrees above zero with the average low since the 5th at around 15F. That much cold has only served to keep my furnace running nonstop and will, I'm sure, reward me with a large electric bill at the end of the month!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Early December 2013 Weather Stats

Well, has this December's start been significantly different from 2012? You bet your britches it has!

Last year, December 1 to 9, the average high was 63°F versus this years 43°F – that's a full 20 degrees colder! And the lows? This year's 26°F versus last year's 44°F was also significantly lower. Another obvious difference is the snow pack that fell on the 5th and which is still hanging around as
of the 9th! A situation that may persist through the next coming days, but which will likely dissipate right before the 13th when more snow is forecast! And, oh yes, we are still some ways from the official start of the winter season!

Both this year and the last were also a bit stingy in the rainfall department, with December 2013 at .61 inches versus the same time last year at .54 inches. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 5th weather may be mixed!

The first Thursday in December 2013 looks like it might get a bit interesting as the national Weather Service does not have a good handle on the precipitation types that may impact parts of southern and southwestern Missouri. Depending on the exact nature and depth of a 'warm nose' that will be draped over the border counties between Missouri and Arkansas, there exists the possibility for ice accumulations late Thursday, especially on elevated surfaces. At some point, this dome of warm mid level air will get pushed to the south. And, at that time, any additional precipitation would then fall as snow. Let me see...snow over ice...not a good idea! That said, accumulating snow is still expected across the entire area with the heaviest amounts falling from late Thursday into Friday morning. The snow will then taper off from west to east Friday afternoon.

Bitterly cold temperatures will then settle on in for Friday and the weekend with highs only in the mid to upper 20's! Overnight, the mercury may bottom out somewhere in the single digits and man, that will be pretty darn cold!!! But wait! Yet another frontal system may come through the area on Sunday, and while it isn't forecast to be as strong as the previous system, any additional stuff that falls from the sky will be in the form of snow and could add to the snow pack!

Anyway, a rather wintry start to the month!