Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just one more month to go!

The first of February 2015 is just a few days away, and to me, that marks the beginning of the end for winter! The sun will noticeably rise higher and higher about the horizon in the northern hemisphere and as it does, more and more energy in the form of solar insolence will reach the chilled earth.

Where I reside in southwest Missouri, the average temperature for February (as measured at the National Weather Service station in West Plains, MO) comes in at 38°F - with the average high is 48°F and the average low is 26°F. I use this location for temperatures and rainfall as Forsyth lies on about the same latitude and therefore shares much of the same climate. Rainfall will, hopefully be about 3 inches, although we certainly could use more! For anyone with an interest I have live climatic data available at

By the end of February, the many and varied signs of spring will be readily apparent as some trees and plants begin to blossom. I can hardly wait!