Saturday, September 1, 2012

I want this last August back!

After suffering a brutal (and I mean God awful brutal July), August came prancing into my life with life giving of rain and a change from hellish heat to blessed coolness. After many weeks stuck inside my home watching the electric meter buzz like an angry insect, I was able to shut off the AC, open my windows and re-emerge from the prison that was my home. All of a sudden, just as if some deity flipped a switch; off were the hundred plus degree days and on was the kind of weather that everyone loves to waddle about in! For once I was outside and not sweltering! For once I was able to go ride a bike and not end up drenched in sweat! Wow…good stuff that.

As a fitting cap to the month, an old hurricane by the name of Isaac motored through the area and gave us a whole day of light drizzle and while it didn’t amount to much in the way of precipitation (0.86), it was a good way to exit the month with over 5 inches of rain all told.

Now, we have all bid a fond adieu to that wonderful month and turn warily to face the uncertainty that is September and beyond. My thoughts are a jumble. ‘Will the good times continue? Will future rains fall and drench the soil under my feet?’ I ask these questions of myself.